How Studio1 came to be

In 2010 Sebastian founded his first software company. He wanted the help center to have videos showing customers how to use the product. After messing around with screen recording software, disliking his own voice, being frustrated with shaky mouse movements and having to start over from scratch many times, he did as many others before him: he gave up.

In April 2018, after a short stint at Google, Sebastian founded Studio1 with the goal of automating screencast videos. Studio1 Screencast Video Automation went live on November 1st, 2018.

To onboard new Studio1 users, we had built an advanced in-app onboarding guide. It was hardcoded since we couldn't find exactly what we were looking for in the market. As soon as we had built it, we saw the potential of offering walkthroughs as a second product. New users agreed - we got lots of positive comments about our onboarding experience.

Of course, we couldn't keep our fingers away from our keyboards, so in March 2019 Studio1 In-App Walkthroughs became available to early access users.


Sebastian Seilund
Founder, Engineer, CEO
Michelle Hottinger
Jonas Kelstrup
UX Designer


Studio1 is located in San Francisco.