Announcing Studio1

After running in private beta since July, we are incredibly excited to launch Studio1 publicly.

Studio1 is the first-ever solution to automate screencast videos for customer support, marketing and sales.


We all know how frustrating it can be to create your own screencast recordings. Moving your mouse smoothly and avoiding typos is nearly impossible. The pace is never quite right without a lot of complicated video editing. Recording your own voice is intimidating for many. If you do try, you often end up with mumbling, coughing, background noise and mouth-breathing. Outsourcing professional speech is great, but expensive, and prevents you from easily changing the voice-over later. Let's not even talk about how many videos get out-dated when your software evolves and nobody has the time to re-record them all over again. Great customer support entails keeping learning materials updated with the latest features.

Studio1 changes all this.

In Studio1, maintaining high quality videos for your customers is easy and fun.

Instead of recording your own screen, you build a manuscript in Studio1 using simple text. The manuscript consists of actions such as "Go to", "Click" and "Type". To get voice-over for your video, you simply write what you want it to say, and Studio1 synthesizes speech immidiately. You can also record your own voice using your microphone. To render a video, you simply click a button, and Studio1 does it all for you by repeating the actions you added and overlaying the voice-over.

Here's our explainer video (it's of course made with Studio1):

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