December 2018 newsletter

This is a repost of the newsletter we sent out on December 6th.

We're excited to tell you about what we've been up to lately.

Since we launched our video screencast automation solution a little over a month ago, we’ve had a fantastic reception. Thank you for the amazing feedback!

We’ve added a bunch of highly-requested features, which make it possible to create even more kinds of screencast videos with Studio1.

There is more exciting news coming up soon! We're working on adding a second product to our offering. Something that will complement well with videos, but more... interactive. Stay tuned.

Read about the new features below, or sign in to your account to check them out.

11 new synthetic voice languages

Studio1 now speaks a total of 12 languages: Danish, Dutch, English (Australia), English (UK), English (US), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Turkish.


Just type your desired voice-over into Studio1, and you immediately get almost-human-sounding voice-over for your videos. Read more in the blog post

Remember that you can also record your own voice, if you prefer a real human voice.

Select and upload files

Using our new Select file action, you can easily select and upload files in your screencast videos. Read more in the blog post


Keyboard shortcuts

You can now add Press key actions to your manuscripts. It works seamlessly with Live Manuscript. Example: Focus the Email field in a sign in form and press Tab to go to the Password field. Read more in the blog post


Drag and drop

Using the Mouse down, Move mouse and Mouse up actions you can now perform drag and drop operations in your videos. Read more

Double-click and right-click

Some apps use double-clicks and right-clicks. No problem! Studio1 supports that now.

Respond to dialogs

You can now tell Studio1 to respond OK or Cancel to native browser dialogs (JavaScript dialogs) using Respond to dialog actions.