Double-click and Press key actions

We've added two highly-requested new screencast actions: Double-click and Press key.

Double-click actions don't need much of an introduction. They're just like regular Click actions, except they double-click. Some users need this for spreadsheet-like UIs where you double-click to enter a cell.


Press key actions instruct Studio1 to press a single key. You can optionally use a combination of modifier keys (Shift, Control, Alt and Command). There are two popular use cases for Press key actions:

  • Navigating forms. After clicking into and filling in one field, sometimes it looks a bit smoother in videos to just tab to the next field, instead of having Studio1 move the mouse to and click each field.
  • Grid-like or spreadsheet-like UIs where you use arrow, Enter and Tab keys to navigate between cells across rows and columns.


They both work seamlessly with Live Manuscript. If you double-click an element, a Double-click action will be added to your manuscript instead of a regular Click action. If you press a key while the remote browser is focused and you're not already typing into an input field, a Press key action will be added to your manuscript.

The next action we expect to deliver is the ability to upload files.

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