Introducing Live Manuscript

I'm incredibly excited to announce that we launched Live Manuscript today.

With Live Manuscript, you control a remote browser directly from within Studio1. As you click your mouse and type with your keyboard, Studio1 tracks your actions and add them to the manuscript.

This way the actions can be performed again later when you actually render the video.

It truly makes creating manuscripts a breeze.

To start using Live Manuscript, simply open one of your videos in Studio1 and click the "Open Live Manuscript" button.

Here's a quick video showcasing how to use Live Manuscript:

Besides creating new manuscripts, Live Manuscript is also handy to use when troubleshooting existing videos. Say for example that one of your button labels have changed and a video rendering fails. Open Live Manuscript and click the play icon. Studio1 will perform each action while you get to watch what happens live. Once it hits the failed action, you can inspect what the problem is.