Microphone voice-over recordings

Today we're adding support for recording your own voice-over directly in Studio1 using your microphone.

How to use

The Change Voice Dialog now has three tabs in the top:

  • Synthetic voice. The one you already know.
  • Microphone recording. Allows you to record audio using your microphone.
  • Upload recording. Allows you to upload files from your computer.

Change voice dialog

After you pick "Microhone recording", a microphone button appears below the voice-over textarea. Click it to start recording your voice. Click the stop button when you're done.

Microphone button

Studio1 will automatically trim silence at the beginning and end of your recording. This makes it easy to match your voice-over with the actions performed in the video.


Here's a Studio1 video showing how to use microphone recordings (we - of course - used microphone recordings to create it):

Microphone recording tips

  • Use a good microphone. Laptop microphones are not good enough. We can recommend the Blue Yeti - that's what the above video was recorded with.
  • Make sure you're in a quiet room.
  • Make sure the room doesn't have too much echo.
  • Make sure you're not making any small sounds in the background, e.g. hitting the table or moving your chair.