New synthetic voice languages

Today we're adding support for 11 new languages. Check this example video:

List of new languages

Language Number of voices
Danish 1
Dutch 1
English (Australia) 4
English (UK) 4
French 4
German 4
Italian 1
Japanese 1
Korean 1
Swedish 1
Turkish 1

This is in addition to the 6 English (US) voices we already have.

How to use

You choose your language using the combobox next to the Standard voices header under Settings -> Synthetic voices.

You can adjust the voices' speed and pitch, and save as a custom voice.

After picking your favorite voice, use the three-dot menu in the top-right to set it as your default voice. This way it will automatically be picked when you create new videos.

Read more about synthetic voices

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This should explain a bit more about what Studio1 is since people may come here just for the blog.