Select file actions

You can now add Select file actions to your screencast manuscripts. It lets you upload files in your screencasts.

The new action can be found under the More menu in the Add segment bar. It looks like this:


First, you tell it which files to select by uploading the actual files into Studio1. Next, you tell it which file input to select the files in.

When your video is rendered, Studio1 will move the mouse to the file input, show a file selector and select the files.

We made an example video with Studio1 using Select file actions of how to use Select file actions in Studio1.


Yes, we love a little video-ception. Anyway, here goes:

Select file actions work seamlessly in Live Manuscript. When you click a file input, a dialog appears, in which you can upload the files to select.

Known limitations

There are 2 technical limitations to Select file actions:

  • File input elements (<input type="file">) must be either:
    • Visible (i.e. we can click the input element directly).
    • Hidden and be contained inside a <label> element.
    • Hidden and the page contains a <label for="input-id">, where input-id points to the file input.
  • File inputs inside iframes are currently not supported.

Please get in touch if you have use cases that require solutions for any of these limitations.

What's next?

The next important feature we'll be adding, is more synthetic voice languages: English (UK), English (Australia), German, French, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Korean.

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