Wait actions

We've added two new video actions today, which can help make the timing of your manuscripts even better.

You can add them to your manuscript using the More button in the Add action bar:

More button

This menu then opens:

Add action menu

Wait for element to appear

Studio1 will usually wait for the webpage to settle before performing the next action. This includes waiting for requests to finish and the browser not being busy.

Sometimes your webpage may do some work in the background, which Studio1 cannot detect.

In this case you can now use the "Wait for element" action to tell Studio1 to wait until an element with the given text is found.

Here's an example where we wait for the webpage to display the text "Rendering complete" before continuing:

Wait for element

Wait (seconds)

Other times you just want Studio1 to wait a fixed amount of time. For this purpose, use the "Wait (seconds)" action, and tell Studio1 how many seconds we should wait:

Wait duration