Augmented User Experience

Build onboarding guides, product tours and more. No coding needed.
Improve conversion rates, retention and user satisfaction.

Integrates seamlessly with any web app

Studio1 works as a layer on top of your app, containing user flows with buttons, beacons, triggers and more.

Hi Alice! 👋

My name is Dave. I'd like to introduce you to TinyTime.

For the best experience, please turn on sound 🔊

Hi Dave - I'm ready
Your app
Interactive guide

Why wait for your developers, when you can build it yourself?

It's like building with Lego blocks. No technical skills required.

Preview your flows immediately with no installation required. Get up and running in minutes.

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The Studio1 Walkthrough Philosophy

Or, what makes Studio1 different?

Other products
User is in the driver seat. Walkthroughs intelligently guide them, so they learn.
Blacked-out screens where user's movements are artificially limited.
Branch your flows based on user type or user behavior.
Linear-only flows. Everyone gets the same treatment.
Understand what users are doing and react to clicks, text input and more.
No idea what users are doing. The only way to progress forward is clicking buttons in tours.

Walkthroughs Feature Highlights

No code
Our intuitive walkthrough builder lets you create amazing experiences with no developers needed.
Works Across Multiple Pages
Walkthroughs work with both Single Page Applications and apps that span multiple pages.
Start Walkthroughs Automatically
Based on user criteria you set, walkthroughs will start when users sign up or activate a feature.
Start Walkthroughs via Link
Send links to your app via email or live-chat, which, when clicked, start a walkthrough.
Insights and Statistics
Analyze your walkthroughs' performance with views and completion rates.
Individual User Tracking
Dive into individual users' journeys through your walkthroughs.
Branched Flows
Based on user attributes or user behavior, you can branch users' paths through your walkthroughs.
Multiple Goal Step Tracking
When walkthroughs branch, there might be multiple goal steps; each tracked individually.
Intelligent Element Selection
Our proprietary element selection algorithm can identify elements based on simple text.
Automagical Triggers
Perform actions, such as going to the next step, when users click elements or type into a text field.
Preview Directly in Your Own App
Before publishing walkthroughs to your users, you can easily preview and live-edit in draft mode.
Hide/Disable Buttons Until Condition is True
Based on user criteria, buttons can be hidden or disabled, for example, until a text input is filled in.
Attract Users' Attention With Beacons
Strategically place beacons on any element on your page that users should pay attention to.
Customize Content Using Variables
Insert user attributes into walkthrough content to customize the experience.
Personalize walkthroughs by uploading your own photo or use one of our cartoon avatars.
Guide your users, both visually and audibly. Use our synthetic voices or record your own voice.