Strengthen onboarding.
Drive feature adoption.
Alleviate customer support.

Welcome your new users with in-app walkthroughs guiding them to their first "aha!" moment.
Automate screencast videos using manuscripts and simple text. Studio1 renders video for you.

In-app Walkthroughs

Beautiful In-app Experiences
- no code required!

Build onboarding guides, products tours, new feature announcement, help guides and more using our intuitive walkthrough builder.

It's just like building with Lego blocks.

Walkthroughs can be branched based on different user types or user behavior. Studio1 understands your web app, which allows you to build highly customized flows.

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Screencast Video Automation

No more hassle with recording your own screen

Using repeatable manuscripts, you can automate screencast videos for your SaaS product.

Using our intuitive point-and-click Live Manuscript feature, you control a remote browser that records your actions.

Later, Studio1 can repeat your actions and record a beautiful screencast video for you. This way, videos are a breeze to keep up-to-date.

Add voice-over using synthetic voices (text-to-speech) or by recording your own voice.

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